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Ritchie Lucas


Ritchie has always been driven by helping others. Whether it’s corporations, individuals, non-profits or kids at a school – his priority is for people to realize their potential and understand their impact on/in the world.

Though tough to pinpoint in terms of defining - he is a mix of many different things. He’s a serial entrepreneur, marketer, budding futurist, motivational speaker, author in the works, business strategist, idealist, mentor, wordsmith, branding expert, corporate social responsibility advocate, non-profit champion, retreat facilitator, executive coach, developer of win-win relationships, aggressive pursuer of new business, problem solver and of course dreamer. He’s also an animal lover, protector of the earth, ultimate Frisbee player, pinball wizard, bike rider and landscaper.

Two words which strongly resonates with him are clever and ingenuity.

The business skills include a career spanning a spectrum of product launches, brand positioning/repositioning/turn-arounds, branding, sales development, crm’s, usp's, fmcg’s integrated marketing, market research-consumer trend insight application, product development and line extensions, cross-functional leadership, grass-roots marketing, company management-partnerships and compensation models, promotions-sponsorships-events, corporate social responsibility programs, package design, P.O.S. and retail promotions, media / public relations, multi-cultural marketing, young-adult/college/sports marketing, non-profit consulting, on/off-premise activation, promotional marketing, digital marketing, srat comm, experiential marketing, distributor and franchise programs, consumer affinity programs, consumer insight models and market segmentation.

Ritchie's community work as well as sitting on numerous boards resulted in multiple awards and special honors such as: George Foster Peabody Award for distinguished achievement and meritorious service South Florida Business Journal's Up and Comer Awards, U.S. Small Business Administration's Community Person of the Year, The Miami Herald Pacesetter Award, McDonald's Corporation Corporate Caring, and for his work with World Sports Ability Games for Disabled Youth. Ritchie was also highlighted as a "Change Agent" by Fast Company Magazine's Fast Track 50 and The Tribune's Positive People Award.

He is also extremely involved in education related issues as he presents his Student Success Project pro bono to students throughout the county. Ritchie is a yearly fixture at schools for “Principal for Day,” “Red Ribbon Week,” “Career Week” and other motivational speaking opportunities at PTSA and PTA meetings.

The eclectic side of Ritchie was also on display during a nine-month period, when he assembled what was considered the world's largest collection of 3D advertising icons...The Museum of Advertising Icons. Created in 1995 with a $5 Mr. Bubble piece, which grew to over 900 pieces.

Both Ritchie and the collection, accredited by the American Association of Museums, have been featured on CNN, the History Channel, Showbiz Today, Headline News, f/x, CBS, C/NET, Univision, Fox, The Food Network and in USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and in Newsweek's U.S., Japanese and Spanish editions. The collection now resides in the Midwest and will be the focus of a new National Museum of Advertising.

Think Factory works with a select number of clients (except pro bono) because it’s all about doing exceptionally smart work. It’s just the way it is.

David Seltzer

Every company needs forward-thinking marketers who look at things just a bit differently. This is the case with young industry star David Seltzer.

If there were ever a forensic thinker, it would be David. He likes to take the assumed path and see how to greatly improve it.

David is the perfect connector in the client thinking process. His ability to come in and out on various pieces of business makes him invaluable to everyone he comes in contact with. David is an ambassador for the absolute power of an idea.

He believes in the relentless pursuit of research and information in order to fully engage and execute on a concept. However, this does not take from the fact that many of his decisions are still made from the gut.

David focuses on the use of integrated content technology to build, then deliver. He is responsible for both the client's and agency's Groundswell, and is considered a marketing futurist if you will.

Besides being obsessed with marketing, David’s a movie aficionado, music maven and technology connoisseur.

He is an ambassador for the absolute power of an idea.

Carmen Lucas

Carmen has long been considered one of the top creative forces in the industry. She is a three-time Emmy Award-winner and two-time Angel-winner for public service. At the age of 21, she was one of the youngest Addy winners ever for a print, radio, and television campaign.

Her work for clients such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Anhueser-Busch, Universal Studios, Marshalls, Sprint, Royal Caribbean Cruiseline, MTV, Snapple, Nike and NBC set the bar for innovative work and integrated programs.

She began her career in media and marketing as Press and Publicity Coordinator for CBS supporting prime-time shows then continued at the Univision Network where she quickly rose to the rank of Senior Producer.

Before building the award-winning Creatability she founded highly successful media company Ideas in Media.

Carmen has an incomparable track record in building integrated marketing extensions. This included first time in-show segments for clients such as Toyota, Colgate, Tide, Nabisco and American Airlines. Her work also targeted the United States and Latin America.

She has been called "a profoundly clever bi-cultural leader with a keen sense of humor and cleverness who has always thought beyond the obvious."

Carmen just gets it and knows how to use the power of brainy, smart, intelligent, and keen thinking to create "things" that work.

The Others

Over the years, we have assembled an amazing group of recognized individuals who we're proud to have on our team.

They are the best of the best at what they do. They are all change agents in their own right.

They are thought-leaders, trend setters, visionaries, artists, writers, technology wizards, internet gurus, designers, story-tellers, mutli-ethinc trailblazers, social activists, public relationship experts, planners, strategists, measurers, implementers, packagers, producers, directors, crm-ers, event managers, ad-people, crisis managers, coaches, mentors, trainers, presenters, entrepreneurs, social philanthropists, non-profit saviors, cause-related marketers and lobbyists.

But best of all, they make money for our clients.

Shameless Plug

Some pundits say that creative marketing has become a lost art, and it's now a churn and burn, crank it out deadline driven business.

In some cases, that may be true. However, at times good marketing can be as tough as rocket science. And who better than an artist to make the science of selling, creative.

Check out Carmen's website...carmenlucasart.com and see how it is possible to be simultaneously successful in two creative worlds.