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rush|to think®

Rush To Think answers today's most potentially game-changing
business question -

"What could we do if we put as much time and energy into thinking about increasing our revenue and brand presence as we put into rushing through the day?"

The Rush To Think process is an in-person, in-depth, innovative, real-time interplay and review of your business - with specific next steps and clear direction upon conclusion.

Everyone has different thinking needs. Rush To Think comes in all shapes and sizes. They can be one day, one month, and even one year.

How it works:

The Rush to Think

You select the participants. The most effective grouping involves individuals responsible for the success of the company, no matter the size. Positions and titles are up to you. Together we will customize the interaction, focusing on real-time goals and objectives, as well as immediate issues.

We suggest working through our six proprietary thinking sections. There's no set order but does include:

Strategic Development
Your Brand
Revenue Generation
Smart/Social Media®
External Communications
Brand Extensions

Within these six sections are no less than 30 customizable categories and topics. The process is un-orchestrated and takes its cue from the interaction and the flow of the meeting.


It's all left on the table. From the onset, there are real-time ideas, decisions, insights, comments, suggestions, and results delivered right on the spot.

When finished, next steps and immediate actions are in place. We guarantee you will never look at your business the same again.

The Rush Review:

60 days following the Rush To Think, we will discuss issues from the initial interaction. We chose 60 days since it's imperative to give the determined next steps and clear direction an opportunity to become implemented and work. The review ensures that your company is evolving and demonstrating change. At this point, we can retool, rethink, recast specific goals and objectives from the first round. The review can be in-person, video conference etc. depending upon the situation.

Keep Thinking:

The longer our relationship; either through retainer, Blocks of Time, or project work - the more Rush Reviews.